Dreams and Inspirations Build a Better World

Dreams and Inspirations Build a Better World
This newsletter presents you with inspiration quotes that support the self-empowering insight that the world truly is ruled by dreamers.

Dreams are not conditions that occur only in sleep.  The inspiration quotes that follow deal with the power of deliberately dreaming of the future. These dreams determine the conditions to come.
Inspiration Quotes About Future-Dreaming

Every dream of the future moves the world toward that dream.

The world today is the product of yesterday’s dreams.

Some think of dreamers as impractical. Yet, the most accomplished individuals use the power of dreaming to rule their world. As these inspiration quotes make clear, deliberate dreamers are the most practical people in the world.
Inspiration Quotes About Dreamers

To make your dream-power practical,
deliberately dream about what you want to happen in your life.

To transform any condition of your life,
deliberately dream about what you want in its place.

These inspiration quotes are aimed at helping you to become a more conscious dreamer, because unconscious dreaming directs destiny too.
Inspiration Quotes About Conscious Dreaming

There may be no more important focus for your attention
than on what your mind is creating in the now.

If you don’t pay enough attention to your thinking,
you may be unconsciously dreaming up what you do not want to happen.

These inspiration quotes are about making the most of your power. When you imagine what you do not want you lose some of your power to create what you do want.
Inspiration Quotes About Economical Dreaming

To make the swiftest progress to your greatest goals,
refuse to waste energy on thoughts about what you do not want.

The best form of savings just may be  saving your power
to create what you want by withdrawing it from thinking of what you don’t want.

These inspiration quotes have relevance, because what you imagine is a choice.  Whatever your circumstances, you are free to dream of the conditions you want.
Inspiration Quotes About Choice-Based Dreaming

The more you exercise your power to choose your dreams,
the stronger grows your power to choose your destiny.

When you deliberately dream of the future you choose, you choose that future.
Inspiration Quotes About Ruling Your Dreams

These inspiration quotes are about the creative power of the mind, which few seem to use very effectively.  You can tell this by the state of our world: the pollution, poverty, corruption, and violence.

To rule your dreams means to deliberately dream about what you want and to not fearfully imagine what you do not want.

Adversity and disappointment present you with the perfect opportunity to develop your power to rule your dreams.

After pondering these inspiration quotes, you may realize what a waste it is to worry about what someone else thinks about you. To control your life, control your thoughts.
Inspiration Quotes About Minding Your Own Dream-Business

You become the person you imagine yourself to be;
waste no thought worrying about how others see you.

When you worry about what others are up to
you are feeding a dream of being disappointed or frustrated by them.

Dreamers do indeed rule the world.  It is my dream that you use these inspiration quotes to better direct your dreaming for a life that matches your highest hopes.