Santé International is a distribution company of organic wellness products. The company trade products that do not have synthetic, harmful ingredients while serving as a mounting venue for entrepreneurs.

The potent synergy's dedication in advancing wellness produced a fine line of products that captured the fancy of the market.

Santé presently offers two pure young barley grass products namely Santé Pure Barley New Zealand and Santé Barley Pure New Zealand. Santé Pure Barley New Zealand is a powdered drink of 3 grams per sachet. Santé Barley Pure New Zealand on the other hand is in a capsule form of 500mg powdered pure young barley grass.

Corporate Vision

We see Santé as an unmatched global provider of premier wellness products and services.

Corporate Mission
To build and maintain our leadership in the wellness industry.

To do this, we will:
1. Ensure the continuing growth of our people and organization through an aggressive program of professional and organizational development;

2. Build and maintain the highest level of competence and excellence in developing wellness products and services and;

3. Justly compensate and reward outstanding performance in all aspects of our operations, especially in customer service.

Sincerity in Helping Others
Pursuit of Excellence
Courage to Try New Things
Humility and Truthfulness in Our Actions
Positivity in Any Situations
Celebration for Every Win


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