The Vitamin that Guards the Lungs

Pneumonia can kill and it can be especially dangerous as you grow older. But there’s a vitamin that can help the immune system shrug off this deadly threat.

Solution to Help You Nourish Your Lungs

Whether your lungs are taxed from air pollution or self-pollution, they are vital. Like the brain, heart, kidneys and liver, we need the lungs to live. Besides delivering oxygen from the air we breathe to our blood, while keeping all the other junk from the air out; the lungs also expel carbon dioxide, a byproduct of carbon and oxygen diffusion in the body.

The lungs first defense is the cellular lining of the walls, which regenerate about every 2-3 weeks. The deeper tissue in the lungs, the alveoli, takes about a year to regenerate. So how can we assist the body in making new lungs?  Check out these solution to help you nourish your lungs.



If you, like many others, are having difficulty making both ends meet, then the idea of having a million-peso savings when you retire would sounds absurd. But forget about the impossibilities and focus for a moment to your desire. How would you feel having at least a million pesos in your savings?

If you, like me, feel excited about the idea, then read further because in the paragraphs to follow are simple steps that you can do to retire a millionaire. Let’s call these the ABC to your first million!

Female Sterility

Female sterility or infertility is the inability to get pregnant after a year or more of trying to conceive or with unprotected intercourse. This common problem affects women from around the world. Causes of Infertility may be attributed to various factors such as age, underlying medical conditions, diet and lifestyle. Although factors of female infertility can be classified as either acquired or genetic, female infertility is usually more or less a combination of nature and nurture. In some cases, the cause is never found while in others, multiple causes may be detected. Proper Testing and Right Treatment is required to resolve this problem.

Symptoms of Female Sterility

The Mastermind Events

"Where Leaders Are Born!"
The most trusted Network Marketing event — in the world!

A message from Art Jonak

Joey Marcelo and Art Jonak

A message from Randy Gage

Joey Marcelo and Randy Gage

Santé Barley: 0917 519 48 04

The Santé EF1 System

What is Santé EF1?

It is a SUPPORT SYSTEM for NETWORK BUILDING whose main purpose is to EMPOWER its members.

We believe that financial success is a synergy of RIGHT OPPORTUNITY and RIGHT PERSON.

To Empower Santé leaders

Educate. Equip. Engage. Encourage.

Santé EF1 envision having at least 2,020 self-made millionaires by year 2020


How Can Santé EF1 Help You?
By sponsoring network-building and self-building activities like EMCOM, EMBP, COACHING DAY, LLM SERIES;

By providing duplication and recruitment materials like EF1 MODULES, QSEP MANUAL, CaNB BROCHURE, SO RICH MATERIALS and COACHING DAY MANUAL.

By teaching and implementing a STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE and SCRIPT when prospecting, inviting, presenting, closing and following-up.

By providing SUCCESS PROGRAMS which everybody will follow such as QSEP and ACCELERATE;

By creating support facilities like FB GROUP and SUPPORT GROUP MEETINGS.


By setting up NEW CULTURE contributory to one’s attainment of success;

By observing PRINCIPLES that empower the distributors.

Santé Barley Tri-Team

Santé International has been very active and popular in the sports arena as it owns a TRIATHLETE TEAM called Santé Tri-Team. The Santé Tri-Team has been competing locally and internationally. In fact, the Santé Tri-Team garnered numerous awards and one of the BEST Tri-Team in Philippines. 

Patti Grandidge Is The New International Endorser of Santé Barley

Who is Patti Grandidge?

Patti Grandidge Herrera is the new Santé Barley endorser. The beloved wife of Mr. Jon Herrera. Her full name is “Patricia Kristina Grandidge” and everybody loves calling her as “Patti”. Her mother is a Filipina and she’s from Malibu, California, USA. She finished her degree from Pepperdine University with a degree of International Business.

Santé Barley Patti Grandidge Contract Signing Behind the Scenes

Christmas Greetings from Sante Endorsers

Santé Barley Christmas Greetings from Sante Endorsers

Santé Barley Piolo Pascual Christmas Greeting

Santé Barley Patti Grandidge Christmas Greeting

Santé Barley: 0917 519 48 04

I’m on Grass Video Contest wins iPad Mini

It’s the I'm On Grass” Video contest!
The top 10 videos with the most number of likes will receive 10 Ipad Mini’s (1 iPad per entry) from Sante Barley!

To qualify, see posters for complete contest mechanics.

Per DOH-FDA-CFRR Permit No. 0878 s.2014

Any person within the Philippines (above 18 years old) may join the contest.

Anytime during the promo duration, an individual may submit an “I’m on Grass” video stating his name, profession and/or hobby and “I’m on Grass” and showing Santé Pure Barley Box of 10’s of Santé Barley Max box, Santé Barley Pure Box.

Example: I am Juan de la Cruz, I am a Call Center Agent and a basketball player and I’m on grass!

Santé Barley Unang Salvo 2015

Dominating the Globe one continent at a time - SANTE heads for WORLD DOMINATION!

UNANG SALVO SANTE 2020 shall kick of 2015 with a blast to the future!
This January 27, 2015 at the Harbor Garden Tent Sofitel.

Ticket price at P300

COME and JOIN us as we conquer the WORLD!

2015 Sante Barley Domination Run

Santé Barley Domination Run is back with added twists. It will feature a duathlon 
(running and cycling at 5 and 10 miles).

Save the date: Santé Barley Domination Run 2015

Santé International, a leading distribution company of organic wellness products in the Philippines is set to hold it’s very first major sporting event for 2015 on February 15! Dubbed as Santé Barley Domination 2015, this one-day event will be the first of its kind featuring races for duathlon, cycling and running  (10 and 15 miles). It will be held at the Clark International Speedway.

Santé Barley Domination Press Conference

The Sante IMPACTsystem

The Santé IMPACTsystem is an Interactive Multisport Performance and Athletic Conditioning Training System. A performance center and Recovery and rehab for athletes.

Introducing The Santé IMPACTsystem at Solar Sports Hotspot!

Sante Luxury Yacht for Sante Distributors

Just recently in the middle of 2014 around June, Santé International acquire a luxury Yacht for its distributors and business partners.

To be on-board in our Sante Luxury Yacht, there are some house rules to follow;

  • To keep the boat afloat, let’s stay within 20 adults (including crew) at most.
  • By adults, we mean those who have grown taller and older in years (at least 18), but have kept their youthful spirit intact.
  • A cigarette/cigar smoke can definitely look like a spirit but does not add to your youth, so let’s leave that at the dock.
  • Docks are also where your pets will stay in case you bring them. It’s best to keep them comfortable at home.
  • Speaking of home, we have provided slip-ons provided for your ultimate comfort. Remember to place your shoes and sandals in designated areas.
  • Designated areas for the anchor, steer, yacht furniture and cutlery are exactly the same area where you will find them and where you will need to leave them. whatever’s in the yacht stays in the yacht.
  • And since you’re staying in the yacht for a good few hours, you will need some grub aka food. Call us up a week before schedule (99-SANTE) and it should be right there with you.
  • The service crew will definitely give you an unprecedented yachting experience. Please show them your appreciation. A tip will go along way.
  • The Manila Yacht Club is an exclusive club. How about we strive to keep our good ties with them by observing their rules?
  • Sleeves are important, especially while inside the Manila Yacht Club You can take them off as soon as we start sailing.

Now that you are all set, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. A wonderful Sante host will be with you shortly.

This endeavor is part of Sante International’s Project X.

Santé Project X

What is Santé Project X?

In the first half of 2014, Santé Project X is the first order and strategy of business by Santé International. It is in relation to the objective of controlling the Direct Selling Industry as well as the Multi-Level Marketing industry in the Philippines. This project is part of the empowering the distributors by providing them the facility and luxury in running their Santé Barley business.

Project X features the purchase of a hotel condo in Pico De Loro, a Townhouse at Royale Tagaytay, and also a High-end Private Yacht at the Manila Luxury Yacht Club.

Santé Barley Luxury Yacht

This is the
Santé Life!

This is part of Santé Barley’s strategy in preparation to the global market. Project X is one more statement to just what living the Santé life is all about. The Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Joey Marcelo believes that the purchase of a resort condo in Pico De Loro and also a Luxury yacht is something that is never ever become aware of from Direct Selling and also Multi-Level Marketing company in the Philippines.

In as much as the network marketing industry (MLM) requires elegant cars and also gadgets as some of the inspirations that motivate its distributors and business partners, Santé Barley do believe that the Project X technique is something that will certainly benefit not just the few distributors and business partners.
Everybody has to experience the Santé Life!

In fact it benefits all from Santé International staff members and BOT to Santé Barley distributors and business partners. Mr Joey Marcelo believes that everybody have to experience the genuine significance of living a Santé Life.”.

This is just among the highlights of how the Santé Life works – keeping all the business stakeholders inspired as well as encouraged in doing the Santé Business. For with Santé, it is not solely concerning the business, however more so, it is about the people.

Santé Barley: 0917 519 48 04