Proper Barley Dosage Guide

Proper Barley Dosage Guide

This guide is for the distributors of Team Wellnex - Ubuntu Network of Santé International to provide them an accessible reference on how to give the recommended amount of Pure Barley Products to consumers.

Although consuming our barley products have no side effects or overdose, it is still important to inform our consumers especially those who has specific illnesses and diseases to treat.  Not enough amount of barley consumption may prolong the “healing crisis” and this may be misinterpreted as something bad.  Therefore, it is very important to advice our consumers beforehand about the “healing process” in order to set the expectations right.

In giving the right dosage to our consumers, remember these three important things:

   1. Know first the severity of their condition
   2. Advice them the effects of “healing crisis” for their specific illness
   3. Remind them to activate their “Happy Hormone”

How to Categorize their Diseases

Uncomplicated Hypertension Uncontrolled Hypertension Advanced stages of cancer
Uncomplicated Diabetes Uncontrolled Diabetes Diabetes with multiple organ involvement
Uncomplicated rheumatoid Arthritis Complicated Arthritis Metabolic Syndrome
Common Acute bacterial and viral illness Aggressive Viral or Bacterial Illnesses Comatose
Benign Tumors Malignant tumors in its early stage Renal Failure
Simple obesity Complex Obesity Heart Failure
Constipation Gastric or Peptic Ulcer Liver cirrhosis
Acute Diarrhea (Not Bloody Mucoid) Psoriasis Severe Asthma
Gastritis Goiter with impaired function Severe COPD
Localized Skin infections Painful neuropathies
Migraine COPD
Hypotension Moderate Bronchial Asthma
Mild Neuropathy

Stroke recovery

Simple Goiter


Gallbladder stones

Kidney Stones

Mild Bronchial Asthma

Acquired Hypersensitivity

Dosage for MILD Condition

Note: One Sachet of Pure Barley Juice is equivalent to 3 grams
Minimum Dose of 6 grams per day, maximum of 9 grams(2-3 sachets of Pure Barley Juice)
Diet restrictions – control on acidic foods(Foods that are cooked, processed, and not organic)
Healing Crisis may last for 2-10 daysWater intake should not be less than 3 liters a day

Dosage for MODERATE Condition

Minimum dose of 9 grams per day, maximum of 18 grams (3-6 sachets of Pure Barley Juice)
Diet restrictions – control on acidic foods. Increase on alkaline diet(Alkaline diet – eating fresh fruits and vegetables)
Healing Crisis may last for 2-14 days
Water intake should not be less than 4 liters a day

Dosage for SEVERE CONDITION Condition

Minimum dose of 15 grams per day, maximum of 36 grams(5-12 sachets of Pure Barley Juice)
Diet restrictions – No acidic foods. Pure alkaline diet
Healing Crisis may or may not occur
Water intake should not be less than 5 liters a day. (control it to 1.5 liters if renal function is impaired.)


Barley Grass has no significant interactions with drugs, although precaution is advised for patients who are taking anticoagulants.


     What are the possible reactions with hypertensive patients?
* Headache, mild fluctuations in blood pressure

* Sleepiness, Feeling of light-headedness

* Intermittent Claudications

* Occasional mild chest pain

    What are the possible reactions for arthritic patients?

* Joint pains, mild to moderate

* Fever, mild

* Sleepiness, light-headedness

    What are the possible reactions for diabetic patients?
* Headache, dizziness

* Mild fluctuations in FBS

* Sleepiness

* Intermittent claudications

* Occasional chest discomfort

    What is the best way to minimize healing crisis?
* Drink lots and lots of mineralized water to facilitate fast toxin disposal and Cellular repair.

    Can we give barley to kidney patients?

* Yes, but only to a certain degree, patients with less than 15% kidney function will not be able to absorb barley and may cause more trouble to the kidneys. Barley may be given only after a dialysis session.

    Can barley be given to advance stage of cancer?

* Yes, but this situation requires a close supervision of an integrative Physician.

* If there is already involvement of multiple organ system, chances of recovery becomes futile.

* For cancer patients, early intervention is important.

    Can Barley be given to Pregnant women?

* Yes. If only the patient has a normal baby ultrasound.

    What is the youngest possible age to give barley?
* Barley can be given to infants as young as 6 months.

    If combined with other food supplements, is there a possibility of substance overdose?
* Yes, if it is combined with nutritional drugs.

* No, if it is combined with other true food supplements

What do I expect as an effect of barley if I am a healthy person?

* Better sense of well being 

* Increase resistance to infection 

* Better stress management and recovery

* Better memory 

* Better sex 

* Young looking skin

* Better weight control 

* Better muscle growth and development 

* Better stamina

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