Daily-C Sodium Ascorbate

Daily-C Sodium Ascorbate
(Non- Acidic Vitamin C, Alkaline)

Daily - C is a revolutionary yet natural Vitamin C that is readily absorbed by the body cells. It's unique cellular actions are due to Vitamin C metabolites that work to maximize cellular utilization of Vitamin C.

Daily-C vs. Standard Acidic Vitamin C


• Alkaline-based
• pH range of 7.5 to 7.8
• Natural Vitamin C
• Can be taken as much as 10,000-20,000 mg. a day; safe and effective. The higher the dosage the better.
• In crystallized powder to preserve affectivity and pureness.
• Dissolves quickly and is absorbed by the body 5 to 8 times faster than standard acidic Vitamin C tablets.
• Can be taken either before or after meals; non-acidic, tummy-friendly.
• Body’s absorption is up to 95%; only 5% is being flushed out.
• Can be taken by persons with ulcer and diabetes.

Acidic Vitamin C
• Acid-based
• pH range of 2.5 to 3
• Standard Vitamin C maximum dosage is only 1,000 mg. a day; with more than 1,000 mg. body can not tolerate acidity.
• Normally in tablet form with starch ingredient. Thus, not 100% pure and natural,.
• Dissolves slowly.
• Should be taken after meals to prevent hyper-acidity.
• Body’s absorption is only 15-25%; 75-85% is flushed out through urination, bowel movement and perspiration.
• Not advisable for persons with ulcer and diabetes (occasionally)

Daily - C is effective in addressing the adverse effect of the following:

• Allergies
• Air Pollutant
• Alcoholism
• Arthritis
• Asthma
• Bruises
• Cold
• Cancer
• Cataracts
• Cough
• Dental Cavities
• Depression
• Insomniac
• Meningococcemia
• Nasal Allergy
• Nose bleeds
• Poor Digestion
• Skin Irritation
• Scurvy
• Stress
• Fever
• Free Radicals
• Gingivitis
• Glaucoma
• Infections