Detoxication by Many Routes

Detoxication by Many Routes

Barley grass juice and other cereal grass juices help clear the body of chemical toxins, heavy metals, and accumulated wastes in a number of ways:

1. Its rich store of chlorophyll improves intestinal motility; one of the rst bene ts most users notice is relief from constipation.

2. It decreases the absorption of dioxins—and, possibly, other toxic chemicals—through the walls of the intestinal tract into the circulation. Experiments have shown increased heavy metal and dioxin excretion into the feces with supplementation of concentrated green foods.

3. Because it is a nutrient-dense “superfood” loaded with antioxidants, barley grass juice promotes better detox function in the liver, the primary organ of detoxi cation.

Research by scientist Charles F. Schnabel found that the livers of hens fed cereal grasses were “a dark mahogany color”—an indicator of excellent liver function and health—while other hens had sickly-looking “light tan colored livers.”