Foods To Be Avoided

Foods To Be Avoided
These foods are what create most of the physical problems we experience. 
They should be eliminated from the diet as quickly as possible.

Alcohol, coffee, tea, cocoa, carbonated beverages and soft drinks, all artificial fruit drinks, including sports drinks, and all commercial juices containing preservatives, salt, and sweeteners.

Dairy: All milk, cheese, eggs, ice cream, whipped toppings, and non-dairy creamers.

Fruit: Canned and sweetened fruits, along with non-organic dried fruits.

Grains: Refined, bleached flour products, cold breakfast cereals, and white rice.

Meats: Beef, pork, fish, chicken, turkey, hamburgers, hot dogs, bacon, sausage etc. All meats are harmful to the body and the cause of up to 90% of all physical problems.

Nuts And Seeds:
All roasted and/or salted seeds and nuts. Peanuts are not a nut, but a legume and very difficult to digest.

Oils: All lard, margarine, and shortenings. Anything containing hydrogenated Oils.

Table salt, black pepper, and any seasonings containing them.

Soups: All canned, packaged or creamed soups containing dairy products.

Sweets: All refined white or brown sugar, sugar syrups, chocolate, candy, gum, cookies, donuts, cakes, pies, or other products containing refined sugars or artificial sweeteners.

Vegetable: All canned vegetables, or vegetables fried in oil.