Have you ever wondered what those white dots on your nails are?

Those white dots are formed because of the formation of air bubbles between your nail and the nail bed. The medical term for this is "LEUKONYCHIA".

- Nail injury or bacterial infection
- Lack of vitamins and essential nutrients like zinc and protein
- Ulcer in advance form can affect the fingernails
- Anemia
- Organ failure
- Hereditary factor
- People with diseases like typhoid, cholera, rheumatic fever, and colitis
- Chemotherapy and radiotherapy
- Prolonged use of nail enamels and nail hardeners

- Include protein, zinc vitamins in your diet (You can eat nuts and green leafy veggies)
- Avoid changing nail polish too often and use trusted brands

In case if the white spots or white coloration on the fingernails does not improve for more than 2 months, you can consult your doctor who would help you to find the actual cause. Almost in many cases, the symptoms of leukonychia are due to deficiency of nutrients and zinc and only in rare cases, it will be due to underlying systemic disorders.