If you, like many others, are having difficulty making both ends meet, then the idea of having a million-peso savings when you retire would sounds absurd. But forget about the impossibilities and focus for a moment to your desire. How would you feel having at least a million pesos in your savings?

If you, like me, feel excited about the idea, then read further because in the paragraphs to follow are simple steps that you can do to retire a millionaire. Let’s call these the ABC to your first million!

ADOPT a millionaire mindset. This is probably the most important since this one will lay the foundation to the next two steps.

What do you think comes first? Earn a million pesos then you become a millionaire or become a millionaire then you earn a million pesos?

Most people I asked answered the first one. Because we were programmed to think that we need to HAVE at least a million pesos to BE a millionaire. But talk to the truly rich and they will tell you otherwise. Because becoming a millionaire starts from the way we think because how we think influences our actions and our actions generate corresponding results.

When it comes to having a million pesos, millionaires think that it is possible and within reach regardless of their financial situation right now and regardless of their past.

Next, BANISH from your thought the idea of WORKING OVERTIME your boss’ business. The last person you will make rich by doing so is you! Time sells cheap. You will only lose time for things that really matter to you but you will never get that million pesos.

And lastly, COME UP with a way on how you can increase your income by P10,000 per month. And remember, it shouldn’t include working overtime for your job. Instead, create a passive income stream- something that you will spend extra time and effort creating but will later generate income for you residually.

If you have additional P10,000 per month, you can spend half for your living expenses and save the other half. Just imagine how different your situation would be if you have additional P5,000 every month to cover for your needs. Then what happens to your savings? After 20 years, when you are about to retire, you have a little over P1,000,000. Twenty years may seem to long, but come to think of this- how many employees do you know have retired and will retire not having any savings at all? That extra P10,000 per month will only require minimum effort at start then will continue to come every month. So different from working overtime, everyday all your working years.

Now if you want a step closer to that first million, CALL US NOW or text us or drop us a private message. We will teach you how you can have that P10,000 passive income per month by becoming a CaN B Distributor. If you know twelve people who lack energy during the day, or are constipated, acidic, suffering from chronic diseases and pain, or twelve people who are health-conscious, then you CaN Be on your way to your first million.

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