Natural Solutions for Uric Acid Troubles

High uric acid in blood can form hard crystals inside people’s joints. The medical community calls this Gout. These crystals cause burning-pain, swelling, and can eventually lead to joint damage. For the most part, there are two systems that work together that cause high uric acid (monosodium urate) problems. The first one is when the body metabolizes purines found in protein products; mainly meats, and some from the human body itself. Once purines metabolize, it produces uric acid as its waste. Then the body must remove it through the kidneys and bladder. The second problem is Xan-thine oxidase, the enzyme responsible for building up uric acid in the blood. This is the enzyme that needs to be reduced in uric acid sufferers.

How to slowdown Xanthine Oxidase and reduce joint pain?
Use a multi-enzyme formula that includes protease, bromelain, and cellulase to counter xanthine oxidase. The antioxidants, high-dose vitamin C, and chlorophyll (plant enzyme) of Santé Pure Barley, is very effective. Last but not least, a good non-artificial multivitamin from Santé Pure Barley will work synergistically in balancing xanthine oxidase. If a person can reduce their intake of xanthine oxidase producing foods, such as caffeine, alcohol, and meats, then this would also help counter excess uric acid.

The Benefits of Santé Pure Barley to aid Gout and Gouty Symptoms are:
High in fiber, which helps reduce uric acid
Appetite suppressant which helps reduce Weight Gain
Acts as a Diuretic so aids flushing uric acid out of the body
Acts as a coolant to the body and also a febrifuge which aids in fighting Gout chills and fevers.

Hippocrates, Galen and Sydenham supported and wrote about the use of barley water and barley bread as beneficial for treating Gout. Ancient civilizations used Barley and Barley water for medicinal purposes.
Action plan:
    Reduce xanthine oxidase foods
    Increase antioxidant foods like Santé Pure Barley (25,500 ORAC VALUE) NO OTHER FOOD CAN GIVE YOU THIS ANTIOXIDANT PROTECTION
    Include a daily non-artificial multivitamin which is also found in Santé Pure Barley

The CaN B Program is a 30 day program that was developed by Santé International. Barley has also been known to be beneficial to Arthritic pain, kidney stones, joint pain, mucus cleaning, fighting colds, enhancement of Bowel movements, has been known to aid in animal arthritic conditions, and asthma.

Ancient Aztecs used Barley as a Drink for Cleansing Diet
150 grams mixed with 1.5 liters or water boiled, then left to stand until cooled then re-boiled and cooled again then added lemon and sugar.

Containing Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, which helps reduce cholesterol.

In 1997 the FDA approved the Barley Health claims that it was beneficial to heart disease risk reduction.

WHAT Is CaN B Program?

* Cleanse and Nourish with Barley is a 30-day cleansing and nourishing program using our two products Santé Pure Barley and Sante Barley Pure.

* Each Program package contains 1 Baby Box of Pure Barley Juice and 1 Box of Barley Pure Capsule.

* How does the program work? 10 days cleansing by taking 1 sachet of Pure Barley Juice everyday and for the next 20 days, nourish your body with all the nutrients it needs by taking three capsules of Santé Barley Pure Capsule everyday.

What do I expect as an effect of barley if I am a healthy person?

* Better sense of well being
* Increase resistance to infection
* Better stress management and recovery
* Better memory
* Better sex
* Young looking skin
* Better weight control
* Better muscle growth and development
* Better stamina

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Remember always seek the advice of a medical practitioner before taking any medicine or herb.

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