Patti Grandidge Is The New International Endorser of Santé Barley

Who is Patti Grandidge?

Patti Grandidge Herrera is the new Santé Barley endorser. The beloved wife of Mr. Jon Herrera. Her full name is “Patricia Kristina Grandidge” and everybody loves calling her as “Patti”. Her mother is a Filipina and she’s from Malibu, California, USA. She finished her degree from Pepperdine University with a degree of International Business.

Santé Barley Patti Grandidge Contract Signing Behind the Scenes

She’s an entrepreneur with the heart into baking. She owns the “Sweet Patti Cakes” and a TV host of “Etcetera”. She likes to travel, dining in restaurants and bakeries, baking and spending time with her family and friends. One more thing, she likes selfie too.

Patti endorsed the “FreeInMySkin” from Physiogel Philippines.

Patti Grandidge and Santé Barley, what is it?

Of course, Patti now drinks the Santé Pure Barley juice and she is now a bonafide barley grass user – she even claimed that she’s on grass as well.

As far as what I’ve known from the Santé CEO Joey Marcelo, Patti will be the international endorser of Santé Barley products and business. 

She will be explaining in her own way the Santé Barley Business, Santé Barley Products as well as the Santé International Compensation Plan.

This will of course boost the business of the Santé Barley distributors as she will be explaining the business plan and marketing plan to their prospects through the new Santé Barley DVD.

This strategy of Santé management empowers the distributors – and we all love it.

Santé Barley 10 Things You Didnt Know About Me - Patti Grandidge

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