Cellular Detoxification Barley Grass

Cellular Detoxification with Barley Grass


Grass juice factors offer potent defense against toxins.

AT THE UNIVERSITY OF California, San Diego, biologist Jasuo Hotta and his research team found themselves hot on an intriguing investigative trail. He had isolated a glycoprotein substance from barley grass called P4D1 that appeared to have potent effects against in ammation. In Dr. Hotta’s experiments, P4D1 also had some impressive effects on DNA: It looked as though this substance could actually repair cellular DNA after it had been damaged by X-rays and chemical toxins. Dr. Hotta found in further experiments that P4D1 supported improvements in the production and repair of human sperm cells.

DNA damage is a root cause of cancer formation, and is believed to play a role in the aging process. One effect of global warming and the erosion of the ozone layer is a dramatic increase in the level of radiation and carcinogens we are being exposed to.

Further experiments subjected isolated cells to a double-barreled bombardment: a potent carcinogen and radiation. Some cells were bathed with barley grass juice, and others were left to their own devices. The results of these experiments were even more remarkable: It appeared that the repair rate was at least three times faster in cells that got the barley green treatment.

In the modern world, we are constantly bombarded with carcinogens and radiation from many sources. The body is under assault, and although we may not feel the cumulative effects of this day-to-day toxic warfare, it takes its toll on our bodies, a few cells at a time. Over the years, this could predispose us to developing any of a number of common chronic diseases—most notably (and frighteningly), one of dozens of forms of cancer.

The initial event of carcinogenesis is a change in cellular DNA that causes the cell to multiply rapidly and become undifferentiated. According to the research, the concentrated and unique nutrition found in cereal grasses could well repair that DNA damage before it gets out of hand.

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