Introducing Sante Barley: I Am On Grass!

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With the rise of food supplements and the race to living a healthy lifestyle, there are even more pressure as we face our daily routine. We are considered as present time warriors and with this, we need something that will aid us and give us enough strength, stamina and energy. Introducing Sante Barley Max, the newest additional of the Sante Barley family of nutritional supplement from New Zealand.

It is made from Barley Grass with several benefits such as lowering blood sugar, improving digestion, faster recovery from pain, strengthening the immune system among others. This is Sante Barley Max.

Each 500mg capsule contains pure barley grass powder so you are ensure of its high quality and content. You can add it prior to your meal without limit (suggested 2-3 capsules a day, for consultation for pregnant, nursing and those with allergies).

In addition to the Sante Barley team, the Sante Barley Max is endorsed by Piolo Pascual, Keith Peralta and Ian Banzon. These active individuals well represent Barley Max facing the daily challenges and demands like a bull.

Go get your dose of Sante Barley Max and be active like them!

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