Piolo Pascual is Now on Grass

With the launch of Santé Barley's newest product, Barley Max, Sante Barley Philippines also formally introduced to the public the newest endorser, celebrity and sports enthusiast, Piolo Pascual. He is the primary endorser for Barley Max which is power-packed nutrient profile for strength, stamina and energy.

Piolo himself said that he can’t help but appear to be hard-selling the product because he truly believes in it and actually takes it.

Sante Barley, along with its latest endorsers Piolo Pascual, Ian Banzon, and Keith Peralta recently launched Sante Barley Max – the newest consumer product of Sante International that is now available in Watson's, Rose Pharmacy and Mercury Drug Store nationwide.

Go get your dose of Sante Barley Max and be active like them!

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