Santé Project X

What is Santé Project X?

In the first half of 2014, Santé Project X is the first order and strategy of business by Santé International. It is in relation to the objective of controlling the Direct Selling Industry as well as the Multi-Level Marketing industry in the Philippines. This project is part of the empowering the distributors by providing them the facility and luxury in running their Santé Barley business.

Project X features the purchase of a hotel condo in Pico De Loro, a Townhouse at Royale Tagaytay, and also a High-end Private Yacht at the Manila Luxury Yacht Club.

Santé Barley Luxury Yacht

This is the
Santé Life!

This is part of Santé Barley’s strategy in preparation to the global market. Project X is one more statement to just what living the Santé life is all about. The Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Joey Marcelo believes that the purchase of a resort condo in Pico De Loro and also a Luxury yacht is something that is never ever become aware of from Direct Selling and also Multi-Level Marketing company in the Philippines.

In as much as the network marketing industry (MLM) requires elegant cars and also gadgets as some of the inspirations that motivate its distributors and business partners, Santé Barley do believe that the Project X technique is something that will certainly benefit not just the few distributors and business partners.
Everybody has to experience the Santé Life!

In fact it benefits all from Santé International staff members and BOT to Santé Barley distributors and business partners. Mr Joey Marcelo believes that everybody have to experience the genuine significance of living a Santé Life.”.

This is just among the highlights of how the Santé Life works – keeping all the business stakeholders inspired as well as encouraged in doing the Santé Business. For with Santé, it is not solely concerning the business, however more so, it is about the people.

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