Sante Luxury Yacht for Sante Distributors

Just recently in the middle of 2014 around June, Santé International acquire a luxury Yacht for its distributors and business partners.

To be on-board in our Sante Luxury Yacht, there are some house rules to follow;

  • To keep the boat afloat, let’s stay within 20 adults (including crew) at most.
  • By adults, we mean those who have grown taller and older in years (at least 18), but have kept their youthful spirit intact.
  • A cigarette/cigar smoke can definitely look like a spirit but does not add to your youth, so let’s leave that at the dock.
  • Docks are also where your pets will stay in case you bring them. It’s best to keep them comfortable at home.
  • Speaking of home, we have provided slip-ons provided for your ultimate comfort. Remember to place your shoes and sandals in designated areas.
  • Designated areas for the anchor, steer, yacht furniture and cutlery are exactly the same area where you will find them and where you will need to leave them. whatever’s in the yacht stays in the yacht.
  • And since you’re staying in the yacht for a good few hours, you will need some grub aka food. Call us up a week before schedule (99-SANTE) and it should be right there with you.
  • The service crew will definitely give you an unprecedented yachting experience. Please show them your appreciation. A tip will go along way.
  • The Manila Yacht Club is an exclusive club. How about we strive to keep our good ties with them by observing their rules?
  • Sleeves are important, especially while inside the Manila Yacht Club You can take them off as soon as we start sailing.

Now that you are all set, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. A wonderful Sante host will be with you shortly.

This endeavor is part of Sante International’s Project X.

Santé Barley Luxury Yacht

Whenever Santé invest on something ang dapat na makinabang ay ang tatlong set of people.. · Number 1: Ang mga mayari · Number 2: Ang mga employees at · Number 3: Ang mga distributors. Dapat ang tatlong ito ay satisfied, kung ang matutuwa ay isa lang, wag nalang..  - Joey Marcelo CEO of Santé International The Barley Authority

Alam naman natin na sa Network Marketing ang motivation ay Kotse, Tama o Mali?

Kaya naman ang mga mayari ng iba't ibang kumpanya ang investment ay kotse, ang tanong ano naman ang impact sa distributors ng kumpanya? After mag pa picture ng distributor sa Porsche, Lamborghini, o Ferrari, tapos na.. Ang tanong magagamit ba ito ng mga distributors? ipapahiram din ba ito ng mayari?

One of the core values of Santé is the "COURAGE TO TRY NEW THINGS"
Again, Kaya sa Santé whenever we invest on something dapat ang makinabang ay ang tatlong set of people.. · Number 1: Ang mga mayari · Number 2: Ang mga employees at · Number 3: Ang mga distributors..

Santé Luxury Yacht · CRUISE · SMOOTH · PRIVILEGED · Only in Santé

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