The Sante IMPACTsystem

The Santé IMPACTsystem is an Interactive Multisport Performance and Athletic Conditioning Training System. A performance center and Recovery and rehab for athletes.

Introducing The Santé IMPACTsystem at Solar Sports Hotspot!


Are you experiencing pain or having a hard time moving your body?

Try out Sante IMPACTsystem’s Dry Needling services!

Dry Needling is ideal for:
a.) Healing the muscles and resuming it to its normal functions

b.) Addressing a wide range of acute and chronic conditions that hinders mobility

c.) Relieving pain caused by musculoskeletal dysfunction through relaxing trigger points
Dry needling is a western form of "Acupuncture". Experience this powerful form of treatment of Physical Therapy. Here at Sante Impact System.

San Miguel Beermen on SImS Workoutshirt @santeimpactsystem Ronald Tubid, Arwind Santos and Rico Maierhofer

One of a kind approach in conditioning/training and recovery/rehabilitation for pro athletes. A system that Empowers every athlete for better performance in life and in their respective sports.

The San Miguel Beermen for their Off-Season conditioning at Santé IMPACT System.

Junmar Fajardo drinking Santé Pure Barley Juice after his Therapeutic Workout.

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Workout @ Santé Impact System + Santé Pure Barley as Recovery Drink = Awesome!! — with Rico Maierhofer.

Busy monday at Santé IMPACTsystem with PBA San Miguel Beermen Paolo Hubalde, Justin Chua, and Chriss Ross working out with Coach Jigs, Coach Edward, and Coach Mico.

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Santé IMPACTsystem signatured Rocktape. The reigning PBA MVP Junemar Fajardo of SMBeermen

Santé IMPACTsystem

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